Jaswinder Grewal

Certified Personal Success Coach, Master Spirit Life Coach & NLP Master Coach, a Career Development Practitioner, an Akasha Healer , PLR certifie

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Jaswinder Grewal, an Army wife, is an educationist with an overall experience of more than two decades. As a Certified Personal Success Coach, Master Spirit Life Coach & NLP Master Coach, a Career Development Practitioner, an Akasha Healer , PLR certified. She has played varied roles in Success coaching, Leadership, Empowerment and Personal Development space.

She has a rich experience of working with individuals who wish to move forward, take action, achieve goals, re-write their story and experience overall life mastery. She empowers her clients to evaluate their current situation, see new ways of approaching change, identify practical solutions, and uncover tools that help them positively make the transformation. She is a highly accomplished individual and her programs and workshops engage all levels of the individual: body, mind, heart(emotion) and soul (spirit).

Her programs have helped people to achieve Personal Success while dealing with common life transitions in different areas of Life, Academics, Career and Relationships through her coaching empowered with NLP tools and the Appreciative Inquiry Technique, NVC (Non-violent Communication) across levels including:

  • Youngsters struggling with the career choices and
    dealing with transition to the corporate bandwagon.
  • Principals, Supervisors at regional, Zonal level in the field of Education who wish to hone their skills of leadership
  • Corporate Professionals who need Life skill mastery for personal & professional success.
  • Managers who wish to improve their skills to be better leaders and achieve greater heights and create great teams.
  • Professionals like Doctors, seeking to be more Emotionally Intelligent and empowerment with Empathetic ways of Communication.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to set priorities, manage personal/ professional relationships & striking the right work-life balance leading to their personal success.
  • Women dealing with transitions- pre/post maternity, and seeking Success in both Personal & Professional spheres life.


It’s a memory which always refreshes itself every time I think of our first meeting, way back in 2012. She has been an inspiration and a mentor not only to me but to many whom I have know. There’s a certain gentleness in her which heals you even before you express something that bothers you. I had a complete new perspective towards life which till now hasn’t gone on a reverse gear and only pushed me ahead bringing positive paradigm shifts. She has always been available and helps to find the best or positive points out of any distressed situation. Her life  experiences stands as a strength behind her and passion to bring newness in her own life becomes a strong motivation for people around her. A zen feeling.. 

~ Rohini Priyadarshini, Interior Design and a Seeker

Jas is a very effective healer with the ability to create transformation in her clients through her healing modalities and coaching. I had the opportunity to witness her marvellous healing firsthand where she not only identified the imbalances in my energy body but quickly and effectively removed those imbalances. I could feel the different almost immediately. I felt lighter, gained clarity and the physical symptoms which I was experiencing vanished. I would highly recommend her healing and coaching modalities to anyone wanting more clarity, breakthroughs and wanting to go onto next level in their inner transformation journey. 

~ Ravinder Singh,  Success Coach for Holistic Entrepreneurs